The idea

My VOD Platform, a development idea.

Building a VOD Platform: the idea.

A while ago, when I was working for Optus, I built a VOD & Video Management System capable of delivering media assets in a secure way to the members of the company. Among other tools, the platform was using Nginx to serve video on demand and live stream.

Working on that project was exciting, but was relying on a premium version of Nginx (Nginx Media Server). To have Live Stream available on all devices, I required to use HLS. We chose to use Nginx Plus, offering this feature and the support.

Yesterday, while I was looking for a way to run Nginx RTMP with Docker, I realised HLS had been released by Rarut as part of his RTMP Module. And, cherry on the cake, someone integrated this module in a Docker repository :

If you have Docker installed, and need a quick Live Stream server, that’s easy. Simply run:

See the Github page for more info. I will detail later here what we are doing here.

Being inspired

That was enough to get me excited. Ideas started to come, good and bad. In a few minutes, the simple tools that are in front of you become a highly sophisticated project in your mind. You have that feeling that it will be easy ; as if at that stage you do not realise that it actually needs labor to come out of your mind. Should you start while you are in this state of mind, it is very likely that you will accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.

It is very similar than when I am writing songs ; the inspiration comes and I feel empowered, possessed by it. Creation comes, quickly, and I have the feeling than someone else has written it.  As for the song, if you leave your work unfinished, and come back later, it will be very hard to go on.

This time, I decided to see how far and how fast I could go. Spoiler alert : it is very promising.
More from this story shortly.

Notes :
If you are interested in Video with Nginx, I highly suggest that your follow Rarut. His work and documentation make it very easy to understand the tool :


This series of posts intend to share my thoughts, experiences and some technical advice while creating an on demand platform. For a full technical guide, refer to the links I share or leave a comment 🙂


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