Grégoire Duché

I am a passionate Senior Analyst Programmer, Full Stack Developer specialised in PHP and Javascript. I am a Scrum Master who loves finding the best solutions to the biggest challenges. I love solving technical puzzles in a clean way, using all my experiences in development and project management with AGILE.

I am an expert in PHP, Laravel, Angular, Nginx, Javascript, TDD, WordPress and so on…

As I am always happy to share my knowledge with others. I give trainings around SCRUM, WORDPRESS and HTML.

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Chief Technologist

MRK Development 2014 – Now

As a CTO for MRK Development, I lead a team developing a Visitor Management System using SCRUM in JIRA, Angular and Laravel 5. I have also been involved in API integration with WordPress, Video encoding tools, mobile application creation (titanium, phonegap, apppresser), angular based file sharing tools…

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System developer

Optus Dec 13 – Jan 15
As an MRK Development team member, I created  a framework to connect web and mobile applications using Laravel, Angular JS, NGINX Plus & MongoDB. The flexibility of the tool allowed us to create a video diary recording application in less than two weeks. I have taken a lead role in implementing test driven development, continuous integration and technical solution for Live Streaming & Chat – used for events with Google, Facebook, Tedx, SingTel and had up to 1500 connections at a time.

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Project Manager/Scrum Master

Tela Botanica Apr 09 – Jan 13
I was in charge of the development side of the Pl@ntNet project at Tela Botanica, and created online tools and mobile apps to help identifying a plant with a mere photo (Javascript based). I participated in the creation of collaborative tools for plant identification based on GWT (Java) and its series of web-services (PHP/REST).

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Front end
I led the development of a media library for Optus, creating an Angular JS tool to manage pages, videos and Live Streaming.
I created Angular interfaces for a Cloud based VMS System. I mastered CSS3 and HTML5 and I used it to create video based games and canvas for Optus and other clients.
I created a mobile application using Titanium to capture video diaries sent to a cloud based system and encoded live for all devices.

Back end
I built web applications based on Laravel 4/5, GWT and OfBiz (Java).  I mastered Nginx and I successfully used it to set up high traffic websites & secure website hosting, RTMP & HLS live streaming. I created live chat interfaces using MongoDb for events up to 1500 participants. I am very familiar with Rackspace Web Services  and Laravel Forge. I implemented unit testing and continuous integration for projects I have been involved with, using a Test Driven Development approach.

Project management
I am CTO of MRK Development since the beginning of 2015 and I have been Lead Developer at Optus in 2014. I have an Analyst Programmer diploma equivalent to an AQF Advanced diploma with a major in computing (validated by ACS). I have been a project manager for 4 years working at Tela Botanica (2009-2013), managing & coordinating the Pl@ntnet project for plant identification tools. I have been using SCRUM for 6 years in various contexts and used it to run my own freelance company.

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